Friday, November 6, 2009

So, about this Health Bill.....

If the Health Bill that the Democrats are trying to pass is so bad that they keep having to put the vote off, because they can't even get enough Democrats to buy into it, then is it not obvious that it is a bad idea. What really cracks me up is that they continue to blame Republicans as if they have anything to do with whether or not it passes. If the Democrats want it then they can all just vote for it. But wait.....oh that's right....there is "BIPARTISAN" support AGAINST it. How come no one ever mentions it that way? There are plenty of Democrats that know what a bad idea this bill is. Talk about forcing an issue, this is it. They will continue to bribe certain Dems with various rewards added into the bill until they have bought their 218 needed votes and then act like they have unwavering support for a great bill they knew they would get passed all along.

While I'm at it. There is all of this talk about how illegal immigrants won't be covered, therefore they are not accounted for in any cost projections by the CBO. So the $1 Trillion does not account for illegals. Then, what happens to the cost and budget projections when the Democrats pass an AMNESTY bill next year and they are then added to the balance sheet after the fact? How high does the cost go when you add an additional 30 million illegal immigrants to the plan? Would you still vote for it knowing that were to happen? We all know amnesty is in the cards for the Dems, as they see it as another dependant voting block they can take advantage of by keeping them at the mercy of the government trough.

Scrap it all. Start over. Address the major issues plaguing the process. Start undoing all that the gov't has done over the years to screw it up to this point (You know it was the government that forced employer based insurance). It won't ever be successful though if your true intentions are not to fix the process but to control it.


Look in the mirror, there is your leader.....