Thursday, June 4, 2009

Someone explain to me.....

......why Obama decided that a certain vehicle can't be made in America by an American company but it's ok to sell the whole company to the Chinese so they can make the money and import the vehicle back to the US.

.....why Obama can tell the world that Iran is "allowed" to have Nuclear power and should do so to solve their energy needs, but yet we can't generate more Nuclear power in America to solve OUR energy needs.

.....why we no longer have a President and somehow elected a dictator that fires corporate executives, tells car companies what cars they can build and the people what kind of cars they can buy, takes over banks, tells the credit card companies what to do with their business, and does nothing but bad mouths our country every time he sets foot on foreign shores. (We used to protest that kind of thing, just ask the Dixie Chicks) Obama makes a speech saying no country is so great that they should tell another how to run their country, then gets applauded and called brilliant by every hack journalist, and then proceeds to put an ultimatum to Israel on what they need to do with THEIR country regarding "Palestine".

.....why we aren't staying out of the entire Middle East problem by drilling for Oil in our own country that will service our needs while we continue to develop additional energy resources such as CNG, wind, solar, clean coal, Nuclear and any others. We need energy independence from other naions run by despots and rogue leaders. For those of you that don't know, China has agreements with Cuba to drill for oil of the shores of Florida getting oil resources in the Gulf of Mexico that should be extracted by American companies. Just think of the economic engine that would be created by such a decision to do so, the problem is that Obama knows it would be prosperity at the private market level and not the governement controlling it. I wonder if the government is concerned about losing control and power so they won't allow it. Is that crazy to think so?

I could go on but it will only make me more frustrated. Someday I'll tell you how the government plans on controlling every aspect of your life from what you eat, to how much you drive, to how much power you use in your own house, to what you are able to read, to how much medical care you are allowed to receive, and how much money you are allowed to make (oh wait, that last one already happened, SCARY!)

Look in the mirror, there is your leader.....